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About Myself
The Wiki me
Its been more than six months since I have joined wikia. Well...when I first joined, I had no idea about anything. I was like any new other new user, trying to understand how everything works here. I had no idea how to edit, I didn't knew how to add reference or FUR. My mind would always go blank every time I saw any template or codes. I have only studied the HTML basics at my school. So, CSS was completely out of my reach. I would just look around all the wiki. But I gradually learned everything.

About my nature...I usually try not to be mean or rude ._. I think I am polite, calm and friendly 90% of the time. I am quite shy in real life. And....ummm...I always try to do my best to help someone. That's all I can say XD

The World of Anime and Manga
In the region where I live, if you ask someone if they have read Fairy Tail, they would say, "Yes, I have read the story of Cinderella and Snow White". If you ask them if they know what bleach is, they would say, "Of course. You are talking about bleaching powder, right?" >___> So...I am glad to be one of those people who found out about the great world of anime and manga *Q*

I like manga as long as they have good story and art. I am not very fond of Hentai >_> or Yaoi or Yuri. I usually pick adventure or supernatural. Idk why...but most of the manga I've read are based on Romance genre ._. Recently, I have developed an interest in ecchi manga. I am also thinking of trying some new genres.

Wikis where I edit
Kaichou wa Maid Sama
Status Active
User rights Rollback
Date Joined 24th February, 2013
My favorite Character Misaki ; Takumi
Status Active
User rights Rollback
Date Joined 10th April, 2013
My favorite Character Miya; Kazehana; Tsukiumi
Fairy Tail
Status Active
User rights Editor
Date Joined 26th February, 2013
My favorite Character Rogue
Special A
Status Active
User rights Administrator (adopted)
Date Joined 22 July, 2013
My favorite Couple Hikari; Kei
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My Favorite Quotes
Fairy Tail

Time is proof that people have lived. Every person lives the time that has been given to them....That is life.

--Ultear Milkovich in The Starfrost Essence

Kaichou wa Maid Sama!

You may feel safe because you think you are strong, but you should remember.... you are still a woman, Misa-chan.

--Takumi Usui to Misaki Ayuzawa

Fairy Tail

My job is to support everyone but... when I have to fight... I become the Sky Dragon!

--Wendy Marvell in The Country We're In

Kaichou wa Maid Sama!

Your sudden smiles always surprise me. But are dangerous enough to make my heart race.

--Takumi Usui to Misaki Ayuzawa

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